Teen Talk

by Susan Szekely, the New York Post

If velvet came an inch deep, if endless bites of baklava never began to cloy, they'd arouse sensations like those that invade you when you listen to The Doors. You mingle in the sweet, rich sensuousness of the music; the music mingles in you. Listeners close their eyes and smile beatifically. It is as if the Doors play on some secret frequency that directly affects the smile center of the brain.

The Doors are four: organist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, drummer John Densmore, and singer Jim Morrison. They say they aren't more because four people trying to get together is enough. But because they are only four, "everybody has to play much more music," says Robby. "The organ is not just a fill-in instrument like in other groups. And there is no one who just plays plunkey-plunk in the background."

The Doors also have no leader. "We're a communist group," says Ray. "No, an anarchist group", says Robby. Each contributes equally and richly. Each note has meaning, there is not a decibel of irrelevant noise. None of the noise that only shatters.

"We've all shattered ourselves a long time ago," says Ray, "that was what early rock was about - an attempt to shatter 2000 years of culture. . .now we're working on what happens after you've shattered. . .''

Copyright 2003 by Susan Szekely/Waiting-forthe-Sun.net)

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