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Jimmy Greenspoon Remembers

“It was an amazing time on the Strip. Love would be at Ciro's, Iron Butterfly at The Galaxy, The Doors at The London Fog. Groups that didn't play the Whisky or the Trip were at Stratford on Sunset, which is where I played with a lot of bands. I remember backing up a duo called Caesar and Cleo - she was striking, he was 'eh'. They became Sonny and Cher.”

“We'd all hang out after hours at Canter's Deli on Fairfax. Every freak in town and every band in town. All Zappa's people and all the Doors. All the Byrds. Arthur Lee with his scarves, Buffalo Springfield, The Daily Flash, Sons of Adam. We'd exchange acid, stories, girlfriends and sandwiches. Morrison stood out because he was incredibly handsome and, if he wanted to, he could get very loud. Everybody attracted a different type of hanger-on, and even then, Jim was attracting the budding little dark poets and lost little waifs.”

~Jimmy Greenspoon, keyboardist with Three Dog Night.

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Canter's Afterhours