February 21,1967 is Grand Opening night for Gazzarri's new location. Proprietor Bill Gazzarri, thrilled with the responses he's received to previous Doors performances, contracts them at the new location to perform 6 nights a week, at 8:15 or 9:15 depending on the day of the week.

February 26 - Mar 2 1967 - The Los Angeles Times gives this enthusiastic account of a Doors performance at Gazzarri’s: “The Doors wield a Rock ‘n’ Roll beat with continuous jazz improvisation to produce an intense, highly emotional sound. They call their music ‘promotove and personal’ and find it hard to work without audience reaction. Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform. The workds build with the music into an accelerating crescendo of frenzied sound. Trying to avoid the ‘hard, straight sound’ of many rock groups, the Doors aim for ‘dramatic impact’ in their music. Gazzarri’s crowded dance floor proves that the Doors’ lyrical freedom hasn’t hurt their strong rock ‘n’ roll dance tempo. (Francine Grace, Vibrant Jazz-Rock group at Gazzarri’s, Los Angeles Times, Feb 28, 1967)

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