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Freedom of Expression Benefit

The Freedom of Expression Committee benefit is held to provide funds for the legal expenses surrounding the defense of performances in coffee houses, and for sales of the Love Book at the free Press Bookstore. On Nov. 17, 1966, San Francisco Police raided the Psychedelic Shop and Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Book Store, making arrests for the distribution of alleged pornography for the sale of the 'Love Book,' a collection of poems by Leonore Kandel. The emcee for the event is Elliot Mintz for KPFK-FM, a listener supported station in North Hollywood operated by the Pacifica Foundation.

The Doors were scheduled to perform at this event, but it is unclear as to whether they actually did. There was a very large number of bands scheduled to appear, and the logistics were a nightmare. KPFK does not have the Doors included in their records of this performance, but it is quite possible they performed nonetheless.

Doors Performances at Hulabaloo

June 8, 1967 - The Doors are set to leave for San Francisco and then New York, when 2 last minute, unadvertised shows are added at The Hullabaloo, Hollywood, CA.

Happenin’ Magazine Reviews the Doors at Hullabaloo:

At the Hullabaloo, an excited, superpacked crowd waited restlessly for the Doors. This show, their last before going east, had been put together at the last minute and had hardly been advertised. Manzarek himself hadn't known about it, and that's why there was the tensed delay as people tried to locate him.

Outside, however, enough people to fill the house another two times waited in a long, thick, impatient line.

Morrison, however, appeared little concerned. He had gotten together with a freaky girl in dark, bizarre clothing, and was now lurking about with her backstage.

Finally, the revolving stage turned toward the screaming audience with The Doors on it, already beginning to play their music. Morrison slouched at the microphone. Instamatic flashcubes strobing and silhouetting him. And when the stage stopped moving, and The Doors faced the audience full on, and Morrison began singing, girls began screaming louder and rushed, pushing and pressing toward the stage. Guys whistled. Flashcubes strobing from all over. Morrison singing and screaming with the music, soon raping the microphone stand between his legs.

Then, by honest accident, Morrison tripped because of the mike and fell hard on the stage. But it happened with a musical climax, and it looked like this was how it was supposed to have happened. Girls screamed; rushed, pressing harder against the stage. Camera flashlights continued to strobe the intense scene wildly. Morrison got up, angry, picked up the mike stand, and began wildly swinging and throwing it about, hard. Destroying it. The girls right up front were in very real danger of being accidentally but seriously hurt. And their faces showed the terror. But something else also showed. It looked as if they were having a frenzied orgasm. Going insane with unbelievably wicked delight.

[The Doors At The Hullabaloo by Hank Zevallos, Happening magazine]

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